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It touches on minimalistic shapes of the 90’s and stays true to a natural palette and shapes.

Zulu & Zephyr: RAY

Over the years Zulu & Zephyr have gathered a cult-like following thanks to their relaxed silhouettes, textured fabrics and unique prints that are made for a life lived by the sea.

The latest spring 2018 range from the ZZ team, ‘RAY’ is no exception. Think easy to wear items, swimwear shapes in the flattering cuts that they are known for, as well as wardrobe staples that will take you from spring to summer with ease.

We caught up with Keely Greinke, the Sales & Marketing assistant at Zulu & Zephyr to chat about the range.

Please tell us who you are and your role at Zulu & Zephyr.

My name is Keely Greinke, and I’m the Sales & Marketing assistant here at Zulu & Zephyr.

Give us a run-down of what a typical day usually looks like for you and your team?

For me – every day is different, and I love it. However, on a typical day, I have probably already checked my emails prior to arriving at work (I hate feeling unorganized). My first stop is usually at our Warehouse to send out pieces for media and bloggers, and then I’m back to our HQ. I usually sit down with Candice for a debrief of things we’re currently working on and the rest of my day consists of research and emails. Our work environment is very collaborative, so we’re always openly discussing ideas.

Zulu & Zephyr: RAY

Let’s jump straight into and talk about the latest collection. Can you run us through the inspiration behind it and why the styles were chosen?

RAY was designed as a sophisticated take on holiday attire – it’s all of the important pieces you take overseas that can be transformed from day to night. It touches on minimalistic shapes of the 90’s and stays true to a natural palette and shapes.

How much work and detail goes into choosing the right cuts and materials?

Choosing the right materials is imperative for us – we’re known for our linen pieces and ribbed lycra, so ensuring these are of good quality is so important. Our designers are sourcing fabrics well in advance.

Zulu & Zephyr: RAY

What’s one style you and the team are really backing and why?

The Dew One Piece in the September delivery. The innovation put into this one piece is what Zulu & Zephyr is all about – the detailed ruching, adjustable sides and ribbed lycra, it’s a no-brainer for us.

Touching on the design elements, run us through the process from first putting pen to paper mocking up styles and seeing samples, to eventually seeing the end product and the pieces come to life?

The timeline is incredible – our designers are working hard and finding inspiration on designs roughly a year before we receive samples. Once we receive samples, we sit down as a team and decide on the pieces we love and which will make the cut. Once sales have wrapped, our Garment Technician is busy with fitting sessions and ensuring every garment is correct to spec, and then we receive the final product.

Zulu & Zephyr: RAY

Tell us about the amazing campaign shoot that really gives this collection the attention it deserves. Who were the key people involved and where was it shot?

We shot this campaign close to home. It was an early start and long day, we were fighting with so many weather elements. That being said, seeing the final images makes it all worth it. The team on the day consisted of myself, our Directors Candice & Karla, our Head Designer Seraina, our General Manager Mel, Ania on hair and makeup, Mason Rose our Head Videographer, Claudia Smith the photographer and lastly but most importantly, Schirin, the model – it really is a team effort, and everyone’s positive energy and enthusiasm goes a long way.

How did you and team celebrate when you saw all the hard work pay off and the collection hit shelves?

It’s such an exciting moment – it’s something we anxiously wait for, for 6 months. I would say we celebrate by treating ourselves with new pieces from the collection.

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Zulu & Zephyr: RAY