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Behind The Campaign: Levi's 'Live In Music'

From the artists, to the producers, fans, tour managers and everyone else in between, the world of music is one we are all proud to be a part of. The experiences we, as an audience, take away from an unforgettable show to the memories artists forever embed after first striking gold when a classic track is created, these are the little things that have kept music, as an industry and lifestyle, so close to our hearts since the dawn of time.

Insert denim leaders, Levi’s and their new campaign to hit the market, 'Live In Music'. The iconic label has been a part of music since their first pair of classic blue jeans came to life and since that very day, they’ve been a proud staple in the music scene, a go to uniform all involved are pleased to abide by. But then one begs the question, 'how does denim impact the music world directly?'

To learn more about 'Live In Music' and how it is touching the Australian and New Zealand music scenes, we caught up with Marketing Manager, Nicky Rowsell, to talk inspiration, featured styles, the key messages portrayed and much, much more. Join the conversation!

Thanks for catching up, Nicky!

Tell us the story and inspiration behind the Live In Music campaign?

The campaign was born from Levi’s® affinity and deep connection with the music industry, and captures the stories of 12 talent across both film and still life imagery.

Featuring real life talent – the campaign tells the stories of the unsung heroes of the music business.

Capturing interviews with the likes of the front man, sound engineer, guitar tech, radio presenter, music fan, music student, producer, album designer, stage manager, tour manager and photographer – the LIVE IN MUSIC campaign pays tribute to the music community and the great work that goes on behind the scenes in bringing a live show, album or tour to life.

Levi’s® is a denim and lifestyle brand that has been worn by musicians, artists and creatives for generations and so it made perfect sense for us to stay true to our brand heritage and create a campaign using real talent stemming from all aspects of the music industry who authentically wear our product in their every-day lives.

Who are the guys Levi’s have featured in this campaign?

The guys featured this campaign are Steve Smyth, Anthonie Tonnon, Pat Meyer, Marty Doyle, Kane Kvasnicka, Maclay Heriot, Gareth Stuckey, Wade Keighran, Jock Creer, Alex Nicoli, Tim Lovett, Paul Bianco.

Do they have their own dedicated style of denim?

Each guy in this campaign definitely has their own individual sense of style in how they wear their Levi’s (denim) in their every days lives. Some people dress for comfort, some for fashionability/trend, some for durability and longevity and choose brands that can deliver on this. I think these guys are a great representation of our male consumers. They are all quite unique and diverse in what they do creatively, but they probably all share a common goal in wanting to look great in their denim - wearing an outfit that will take them from day to night with a minimum of fuss and effort as well as stand the test of time.

Where and how was each person captured?

We shot this campaign in Melbourne, Sydney and Auckland. It was shot in each guy’s work space or personal surroundings – ranging from sound recording / design studios, The Enmore Theatre, at a few gigs, in bedrooms and lounge rooms, in back streets, a radio station, the inside of a tour van to the inside on a converted tram car even …

For those who don’t know, what was your role in the Levi’s Live in Music campaign?

I am the head of Marketing for Australia and New Zealand. My role in this campaign was to partner with a creative agency that could help us bring our creative concept and vision to life. We worked with Monster Children Creative, who then went on to produce the shoot on our behalf and ultimately deliver the finished campaign. I choose to work very closely with all of our agency partners and am very hands on in the whole creative process. I attended the shoot which went for a week across the 3 cities, helped the agency select the various talent and style/dress each of the guys with product from our new menswear fit portfolio.

The post production edit phase is equally as important as capturing the content and always involves a lot of back and forth with the editor to get the final cut right. There are always a lot of people involved in the creative process and it's a real team effort.

It was a fun week working with a great crew. Long days/nights – but the end results speak for themselves and we are all super proud of this body of work.

What are the key messages to be portrayed after this campaign concludes?

After this campaign we will move into our ongoing work within the music space with the official launch of the Levi’s® Music Prize at BIGSOUND in September (which is the largest music prize in Australian music history) Take a look here:

We will be up at BIGSOUND in Brisbane capturing Part 2 of our ‘Live in Music’ campaign, so stay tuned!