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BEHIND THE BAND: The Babe Rainbow

For anyone who likes to spend their days in a world of good times, jungle sounds and retro 60's vibes, the news of The Babe Rainbow's upcoming self-titled album release on June 2nd will be welcome news. Their track 'Losing Something' was the undercurrent of tunes that brought the latest SurfStitch Wintermission campaign to life and ever since, we've been following The Babe Rainbow's antics a little closer. We were lucky enough to chat to creative mastermind Angus Dowling following the premiere of 'Peace Blossom Boogy', the dreamy first single off their upcoming album - join us as we delve into the inspiration for the music video, their recent tour of the States with the Allah-Las, and their time filming with Kristofski in New Zealand. Join the conversation!

BEHIND THE BAND: The Babe Rainbow

With the release of SurfStitch’s Wintermission campaign featuring your track Losing Something we’ve been keen to delve a little deeper into The Babe Rainbow’s world. Can you tell us who makes up the band members and what each of you bring to the table?
There are three of us but it’s not really enough because traditionally there’s 7 colours of a rainbow. We’re holding try-outs at Camp Positivity in Talofa next Sunday so spread that around, please. Jack, Lulu (Louise) and myself make up The Babe Rainbow. Jack plays guitar and Louise, well he plays bass guitar but he’s also a wonderful piano player. We all sing. A

couple of you spent your early years growing up in the Byron area. Where has everyone else originated from? What was it like growing up wild in Byron?
Louise is from Venezuela actually, but we met him in Paris playing open mike in the African Qt. Jack and I move all around the coast. Our parents are old friends. We’ll live forever.

Can you tell us the story behind the formation of The Babe Rainbow? How did you current members all meet each other?
I met Jack in the Australian Youth Choir when we were seven. You remember the Still Call Australia home Qantas ad in 1998? In the desert with all the little kids? He was standing right next to me! We got along fine. We spent a lot of time with an artist from Murwillumbah named Elliot after high school and he let us hang around his bookshop listening to old records and talking about Europe and NYC and surfing New Caledonia. Things really came together in Murwillumbah and Paris.

BEHIND THE BAND: The Babe Rainbow

The Babe Rainbow sound has been described as retro 60's and cosmic swirls in your ears - how would you describe it, what are your biggest influences and how has it changed over the years?
Babe Rainbow sounds to me like God picking sunflowers. We are. (James Brown’s Beach Boys). Recently we listen to girl groups.. Ace of Cups, Supremes. Glue / switch!

Losing Something sprinkles a bit of 60s cult hippy stardust on the SurfStitch NZ Wintermission campaign – can you tell us the inspiration behind the lyrics and sound on the track?
We were in New Zealand at that time filming Kristofski’s movie Rare Bird and there was a lot of surf and a lot of driving. It was just a little jimmy we had going in the van and we’d make up words driving around mostly about Huntington Beach, he’s our friend. When we were recording later it just came together at once.

You’re surfers yourselves, how do you think the surfing lifestyle influences the music you make?
Pacific vibration is powerful stuff. It’s just one witch-mixing broth-pot. I guess if you were a cowboy you’d make cowboy music. Once upon a valley. Came down a valley.

BEHIND THE BAND: The Babe Rainbow

You were recently touring with the Allah-Las in the States and it looks like an epic time! Tell us about it and where was your favourite stop along the way?
You’re my breathing castle. I love you. We didn’t make it to New Mexico this time around, but Austin Texas was a GAS. New York. You know the first time I saw the golden blue mountains was on that tour we just did with the Allah-Las - they’re great guys, all of them.

Your latest music video for Peace Blossom Boogy is a ripper. How did you come up with the idea and what was it like filming it?
Cool Breeze was mending the rain with his hair and the idea just popped up into him. Originally it was supposed to be high school students in uniform kissing paint on each other but Chippy who owns the bus didn’t want to double back (decker) and was worried about the mess. It was a shame the roller skating scene didn’t make it into the final cut but I still love it.

Tell us what’s the secret to The Babe Rainbow’s positive sunshine outlook on life?
Drink plenty of water and be kind to your parents. It’s Mothers Day today and I’m taking my mum horse riding on Patches Beach with Sarah. She loves horse-riding and so do I.

What’s next for The Babe Rainbow? Anything fresh in the pipeline for the rest of 2017?
Yeah we’re recording our second record right now. It’s more earthy - we love the didgeridoo and Cumbia and it’s almost finished! But our first record is coming out June 2nd. Are You Ready For The New Urban Fragrances?!!?! Angus.