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A Day With Chloe

Fashion muse, ultimate go-getter and lover of sunshine - welcome to a day with Chloe Fisher!

It’s likely you’ve seen this bombshell all over your Instagram feed, but in the rare chance you don’t know Chloe - let us do the honours. She’s the newest kid on the Gold Coast block and has recently settled into her dream beach home in the neck of Palm Beach with her husband, Paul. Not only were we lucky enough to get the ultimate house tour (we can confirm - it’s amazing), but we got to follow her around to her favourite cafes, bars and spots on the coast.

From morning to evening, we adore Chloe’s positive attitude, coastal lifestyle and ability to squeeze the most out of each day.

Keep scrolling and see what it's like to live in Chloe's shoes for a day.


Good morning from Chloe wearing the Baha Ribbed Hooded Crop & Baha Ribbed Wide Leg Pants by SNDYS.

I like getting up fairly early and starting my day, you won’t find me sleeping in often! My body clock usually wakes around 6.30am, so I’m up and at ‘em from there on in. I absolutely adore waking up each morning and walking out of my bedroom to the morning sunrise over the balcony and looking at the ocean, that will never get old!


Getting her coffee fix in the Sandstorm Relaxed Knit Pullover by Swell & Nude Classic Short by Nude Lucy. 

I’m not a huge brekkie person. If I do eat, I’ll usually go for a piece of toast (or a cheeky banana bread)! My go-to coffee order is a vanilla latte - delish. 


Visits to Ritual in the Anima Camo Ballet Bra & Anima Camo Yoga Pant by The Upside. 

I’ve always been really into yoga, especially hot yoga. As of recently, I’ve got a new found love - Reformer Pilates! It’s really hard to find a studio that you love, but since moving to Palm beach, I feel really blessed to have slipped right into the community at Ritual. I usually head there with my friend Ellidy and we love it! It’s right at our doorstep and they have so many different classes to choose from.

Chloe wears the Zebra Seamless Bra, Zebra Spin Short & Bondi Crew by The Upside. 

We like to mix it up, some days when we are feeling like we want a bit of cardio we’ll hit the reformers, but then on days when we want to ease into our evenings we choose the yin yoga classes. Depending on how busy my week is, I try to get in there at least 3 times a week on days when I’m not doing personal training. 


Exploring her new neighbourhood wearing the Sandy Cove Button Through Top & Sandy Cove Relaxed Pant by The Hidden Way.

I love living on the Gold Coast - especially because of the sun and warmer weather. It’s generally lovely all year round here.


Getting a golden glow in the Endless Towelling Tri Bikini by Zulu & Zephyr & Sand Dunes Short by The Hidden Way.

I like to spend my downtime with family friends - I really cherish these moments. It’s the little things that I love doing - spending time with my family and friends, relaxing by the pools, reading books, taking baths, eating yummy food and drinking wine. That’s what makes me happy!


Self care with Chloe in the Turn Back Time Mini Dress by SNDYS.

I think self care is one of the most important things you can do in life. If you can’t care for yourself first, how can you care for others?! Taking the time to really look after myself at least once each week is top of my priority list. I’m really into tarot cards. I used to travel to Bali a lot when I owned my swimwear label and there was this little cafe that had cards on all their tables. I used to go there each morning and pull a card while drinking my morning coffee. I found this put me in such a great place mentally to start my day. I don't really have any strict set of rules these days - If i'm feeling up to it, I’ll pull a card and see what it gives me…


Chloe spends time at home in the Grenada Mini Dress by Rue Stiic. 

I usually don’t spend a whole lot of time at home, but COVID-19 has been a bit of a reset for me. I’ve been spending more time at home on the Gold Coast and it’s been a slice of heaven! My favourite part of my house would have to be my main lounge/living area.


A trip to the local florist in the Evy Knit Short by Rue Stiic & Rolling Stone Boyfriend Merch Tee by Universal.

I would describe my style as sporty, tomboy and street - with a hint of feminine for the weekend!


Chloe wears the Classic One Piece by Swell.

I try to get active each day, even if its just a walk along the beach… I like getting my toes in the sand and ocean, I find this really grounding. It makes me feel grateful to be here and living.


Cocktail time in the Sunshine Floral Mini Dress by MINKPINK, paired with The Paloma Leather Saddle by Sancia.

I’ve been loving the amount of restaurants and bars around here to explore and try, especially compared to where I lived before in Sydney. The world is your oyster, you can try a different bar of restaurant everyday in this place!


Good food and better company in the Golden Paisley Midi Wrap Dress by MINKPINK.

I love a good surf club feed, I’m all about those chicken schnitzels! I eat absolutely everything so you can take me anywhere, I’m happy to fill my belly with any cuisine if I’m heading out for lunch or dinner.

Nude Classic Slip by Nude Lucy.

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