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A Day In The Bay: McTavish

Whether you ride performance shortboards, longboards, creative twin fins or something in between, the creation of one’s board is always fascinating to say least. It’s the things that each shaper focuses on, the little aspects and attention to detail in their creative process that differentiate each board significantly. From the design course on a fresh template creation, to the use of the shaping plane and the techniques behind it, the variation of glassing’s, contours and rails – the list truly goes on and on and each shaper has their own unique method.

This is where our new content series, ‘A Day In The Bay’ comes into play, a series paying homage to those talented individuals behind your favourite boards and an exclusive insight to the brands themselves.

In episode two, we hang with surfing royalty Bob McTavish and son Ben to learn about the brands strong history, the development of iconic instrumental surf crafts and the modern day techniques keeping McTavish ahead of the game. Plus, we get an exclusive insight into 'The Rincon' and 'The Butterball'.

Welcome back to the bay!

A Day In The Bay - McTavish from surfstitch on Vimeo.

"We’ve been involved with every change in board shapes since the beginning. From original 9 foot 6 logs, right through the shortboard revolution, right down through the gun era, right down to little white shortboards and all the way back up again to the modern era of retro and longboards. I love the big changes!" – Bob McTavish.

A Day In The Bay: McTavish

"The Rincon, it’s one of my favourite templates. It’s got a 15 inch tail which is just big enough to get your foot across and get good control with the single fin. It’s become really popular with a whole new generation of retro surfers." – Bob McTavish on ‘The Rincon’.

A Day In The Bay: McTavish

"It’s got a powerful planning section. It’s got a rail line of a 6’6. It’s also got a slippery fin set up that lets it pivot on its corners. So yeah, the cruddier the wave, the better this goes! It’s been a go to board for a lot of guys at the moment." – Ben McTavish on ‘The Butterball’.

A Day In The Bay: McTavish

*Film and imagery by NSI Productions.