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Wintermission: Rip Curl
"Did he feel warm and capable on that crisp Tasmanian morning? Absolutely."

Wintermission: Rip Curl

Three surfers, ten wetsuits, one cold water testing ground. Welcome to Wintermission, the ultimate examination of new season rubber.

Wintermission: Rip Curl


The Sports Kit, The GTS, The AMG Of Wetsuits

All the mod cons for those with a little fiscal freedom.

Or, The Rip Curl Flashbomb 3/2 (Shop now)

Nothing particularly excited our crew about testing Rip Curl’s wetsuit. Why? Expectation. They knew it would be the highest quality suits in our rubber quiver, and it didn’t disappoint.

While some of the warmer suits in the selection felt heavier, or more restrictive, the Flashbomb felt elastic, retained heat, and dried super fast – perhaps because the lining doesn’t get wet in the first place (seriously, water just beads off that fantastic orange fur).

Benny and Crewsey both took the Flashbomb for a dance during our time down south. What did they like? While Benny enjoyed feeling like a gardener, partnering the suit with Rippy’s Rubber Soul gloves, he was also impressed by the “rug material,” and fondled with the magnetic key pocket—not that he could be trusted with our beloved Kia Carnival rental.

Mitch let his surfing do the talking. On the last day he slid inside the zip-free entry, paddled out and unleashed the turn of the trip, on a short ride into a typical closeout, jamming on his tail with max applied torque, releasing fins briefly in a crescendo of dispersed water.

Did it improve his surfing? Probably not. Did he feel warm and capable on that crisp Tasmanian morning? Absolutely.