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Wintermission: Peak
“It fits pretty good, pretty snug, nice and plain,” said Jack Lynch.

Wintermission: Peak

Three surfers, ten wetsuits, one cold water testing ground. Welcome to Wintermission, the ultimate examination of new season rubber.

Wintermission: Peak


The Reasonably-Priced Entry-Level Utility Wetsuit

All that you’ll need, in most cases.

Or Peak’s Climax Pro Zip-Free 3X2 Gb (Shop now)

Are we getting soft in our modern era of hi-fi neoprene?

Acclimating to fur-lined dry suits with paper-weight, quick-dry fabrics? Are we being wooed by high performance promises - that always come at a price?

While this is great for motivation when things get chilly, these hot-rod suits are pushing median prices into the half-a-gee vicinity.

Not all of us need that top-dollar a suit to enjoy a certain level of performance or warmth, and the “entry-level” utility suits of today, trump the top-tier product of yesteryear, in almost all areas.

Thankfully, suit makers like Peak have jumped on the emerging gap, trading excessive luxury items for straight-up reliable, functional construction at an affordable price.

Less financial barriers to entry for surf-dabblers, and a possible second suit for the core guy or gal who’d prefer to keep a dry backup option.

The Peak suit held a dear place in our hearts during our Tasmanian adventure, particularly with Mitch Crews, who cheekily referred to it as the “Aldi of wetsuits.”

Bang for your buck, others might say.

The crew unanimously adored the Peak’s sleek black look, and Jack Lynch praised the suit’s stretch and heat retention, sans inner lining.

“It fits pretty good, pretty snug, nice and plain,” said Jack, post test-drive. “It’s pretty warm for a wetsuit with no lining, I’m into it!”