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Wintermission: Patagonia
"It ain’t a comp suit, but a warm, heavy-duty winter skin for the environmentally conscious."

Wintermission: Patagonia

Three surfers, ten wetsuits, one cold water testing ground. Welcome to Wintermission, the ultimate examination of new season rubber.

Wintermission: Patagonia


This Suit Won’t Change The World But It Can Help Clear Your Conscience

Do your part.

Or Patagonia’s R2 Yulex Back Zip 3.5/3 (Shop now)

So, sustainability – how exactly?

It’s all in their Neoprene-free construction. Patagonia’s R2 Yulex natural rubber is sourced with the tick of approval from the Forest Stewardship Council and the Rainforest Alliance. Basically, they’re swapping petroleum-based for plant-based materials, and green enough to get the nod from Rasta, the strictest ambassador in surf.

Speaking of Dave, when the Patagonia suit was first laid out, conversation surrounded their recent campaign edit, the one with the dreamy right hand point, lined with those gorgeous gum trees, reportedly shot somewhere on the island.

But where exactly? Our local guide wouldn’t reveal (or maybe he did, and we swore to secrecy!). Regardless, intuition suggested it was far from our current location, somewhere cold and isolated, somewhere well-suited for a Patagonian steamer.

Back at the test, Jack dug the ankle cuffs, the knee pads, and their minimal branding. Benny wore it next—he was into the warmth and the O.G back zip entry system.

While we all burned plenty of jet fuel getting there, and rode non-biodegradable surf craft during our time in Tasmania, each of us had a soft spot for the Patagonia. Everyone hoped that the sustainable suit would stand up to the less enviro-friendly alternatives.

Turns out the gents didn’t notice any major differences with materials in terms of stretch and performance. The suit felt heavier than the others, a common complaint with Patagonia’s suits, though some must be attributed to the fact the RD is technically a 3.5/3, compared with the rest that were mostly 3/2s.

It ain’t a comp suit, but a warm, heavy-duty winter skin for the environmentally conscious.