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Wintermission: O'Neill
“I’m excited for the fact that it’s extremely stretchy.” - Mitch Crews

Wintermission: O'Neill

Three surfers, ten wetsuits, one cold water testing ground. Welcome to Wintermission, the ultimate examination of new season rubber.

Wintermission: O'Neill


Flex Is Hands Down The Most Desirable Asset In A Wetsuit

Meet: The game-changer.

Or O’Neill’s HyperFreak Zipperless Comp 3/2 (Shop now)

O’Neill’s elastic skin was unanimously the lightest and most flexible suit in our assortment. It just might have been the suit with the highest performance factor we’d ever wrapped our salty mitts around.

Jamming the HyperFreak into our bulging travel bag at the airport was a breeze. It scrunched nicely into any remaining space left by the nine other suits bundled inside.

Mr Crews was first to unravel it on the other side. The deserted back beach we’d visited the day before now had a more pronounced wind running across it, and Mitch took took the opportunity to seek out any above the lip opportunities.

“I know for sure I’ve never worn a wetsuit with this material,” said Mitch, effortlessly extending the length of the suit’s arm two-fold. “I’m excited for the fact that it’s extremely stretchy.”

The morning was ugly, the wind merciless. However, Mitch was full of beans, getting busy while his comrades – disenchanted with the ruffled faces – wore frowns and prematurely returned to shore.

During his relatively short stint in O’Neill, Crewsey was his most productive.