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Wintermission: Billabong
“This one ticks all the boxes for me” - Mitch Crews.

Wintermission: Billabong

Three surfers, ten wetsuits, one cold water testing ground. Welcome to Wintermission, the ultimate examination of new season rubber.

Wintermission: Billabong


This Wetsuit Is Your AAA-Pass To Any Lineup In The World

Enter a lineup quietly; make noise on the aquatic canvas.

Or, Billabong’s Revolution, D’Bah Series Chest Zip 3/2 (Shop now)

Why exactly are we calling Billabong’s Revolution the golden ticket to validation in the water?

Well, what you have here is a universally accepted brand, pairing it back with minimally aggressive design.

Fruity suits with bright colours are fun, but they attract attention (see: Wilko circa 2012)—something most of us aren’t after.

Especially when looking to gain respect entering a foreign and highly regimented lineup.

Billabong have an eclectic family, ranging from the highest performance players to beatnicks on the fringe, and their suits appeal to all. The Revolution came to us in a deep charcoal, the panels subtle, no pinstripes, no bold logos.

This was the suit of choice for Mr Crews, the one he wore most during testing – he even opted for it during the final session, after we’d declared that we had all the shots we needed. Jack loved the weight and the soft touch of the material. Benny, he just kept smiling and enjoying himself.

Coupled with its inoffensive nature, the suit scored well across the board. It had warmth, it had flex, it wasn’t too heavy and the entry was watertight but choke-free.

“This one ticks all the boxes for me” - Mitch Crews.