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Wintermission: Adelio
“It looks really solid, really warm,” said Mitch Crews.

Wintermission: Adelio

Three surfers, ten wetsuits, one cold water testing ground. Welcome to Wintermission, the ultimate examination of new season rubber.

Wintermission: Adelio


Introducing Connor, The Suit You Just Have To Meet

Shake hands with the new rubber on the block.

Or, Adelio’s Connor Deluxe 3/2 (Shop now)

None of our cast grew up wearing Adelio rubber. They couldn’t, because they didn’t exist.

Having limited experience with relatively new entrants, preconceived notions were minimal, apart from Mitch Crews, who’d heard a few positive remarks and so chose to wear the suit on one of the colder days of the trip, at a novel south-facing wedge.

First impressions, as they do, centered around the look of the suit. Arguably one of the most attractive and minimally designed of the bunch. It’s all black, no tech call-outs, no abrasive logos. An easy wear.

Speaking with Adelio before the trip, the understated sentiment was mirrored. Adelio cares little for extravagant marketing campaigns, even less on splashing technical buzzwords across their product. Instead, their focus is on fostering their cult following and constructing quality neoprene year after year.

“It looks really solid, really warm,” said Mitch Crews, retrieving it from the boot of the minivan rental. Shortly after, the suited and booted Crews rode out of the Wave Of The Trip, to a cheering audience perched on the adjacent cliff face.

Laid out to dry later that day, the lining looked thick, the internal colour scheme jumping out against the mostly-black rubber assortment. It had to be one of the more attractive interiors.

With time constraints, our cast couldn’t wear every suit, but the Adelio was worn by all.