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Why These 5 Jumpers Just Work

It’s no secret the winter air has well and truly arrived for another season. The sun itself is getting up bit later, that morning commute is a now a frosty one and that hot coffee just tastes that little bit better. While we might be relying on wetsuits to get us through this time of year in the line up, on land it’s a another chapter, and we love nothing more than breaking out the winter wardrobe and settling in. For us, there’s nothing like stepping out into the cooler climate in fresh threads – layering up, throwing on a hoody equipped with new pants and a pair of fresh kicks!

One staple for this time of year though, which as always is the case, is Jumpers. ‘Sweaters’ to our mates in the United States, an on trend Jumper can get you from A to Z until that summer sun once again lands and we go back to boardies, thongs and tee’s. Until that time though, here are 5 Jumpers that we’re loving at this moment in time, and here’s why they just work.

Calling Mens Pullover Hood by No News (shop now)
Why? Because a white hoody allows for other accessories to shine! That, and nothing beats the comfort and warmth of a pullover, front pockets equipped for those strolls between destinations. We’re also loving the designs and cuts from No News – simple streetwear staples with that slight grunge incorporation, breathing up to the minute style into your winter wardrobe.

Court Mens Crew by Stussy (shop now)
Why? Crew necks are always in. Not one for a hood? No worries, this slightly oversized fit from Stussy fuses cotton and polyester for a warm and relaxing feel, while capturing the spirit of the brand’s history in California through powerful, deluxe logo across the chest. You’ll find each season comes with brands releasing similar silhouettes and designs and you may be asking why? The answer? It’s a timeless piece that works year after year. 

Over 97 Mens Hood by Huffer (shop now)
Why? Because colour! We’re backing a closet packed with garments that pop. Cruise outside of your comfort zone and grab a colour that will be your hero staple, that works perfectly with a basic pair of pants and some subtle back or white footwear. Since coming to life in 1997 Huffer has breathed innovation and style, proving itself amongst the apparel game. With hoods like the Over 97, we’re backing what the brands doing!

Why These 5 Jumpers Just Work
Boxed In Mens Crewneck by Surf Is Dead (shop now)
Why? Statements and in this case, brand logos are back and the new black. The Boxed In crew by Surf Is Dead is one fine example where this just works, helping showcase individualism, association to beliefs and even ones strong commitment to a label and the cultures that surround it. Surf is Dead, a brand known for their playful take on modern streetwear mixed with vintage colours, and this crewneck says it all too well. Regular fit, 100% Cotton, cuffed sleeves and a logo phrase that screams a contemporary statement. Sign us up!

Ogtc Mens Pop Hood by Independent (shop now)
Why? Because in case you haven’t noticed, skate is where it’s at and if there’s one brand that has stood the test of time and claimed its OG status, it’s Independent Truck Co. The Ogct hood brings to life a healthy stack of our favourite aspects all of the above styles - functionality, comfort, logo’s and colour, all through a brand that has a built a firm reputation since fruition in 1978. Our tip to complete the look, match it with a pair of Vans and some chinos.

Why These 5 Jumpers Just Work