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Watch Now: Noa Deane in 'Head Noise'

August 03, 2018

This year’s most anticipated surf film is here! Say hello to 'Head Noise', Noa Deane’s mind blowing feature flick, presented by Volcom and filmed by Mikey Mallalieu.

Look, we don’t want to dive too deep into it, but let’s just say we really do hope you put 15 minutes aside to watch on in awe as Noa blows up your screen with high action, heavy charging surfing - showcasing both his established, impeccable air game and tuned to tee barrel riding skills. The winning formula (or so it seems) to reign pinnacle in modern day surfing, it's the first major clip dropped since being under the Volcom banner and will no doubt become a market mover for all surfers moving forward, both in and out of a competition jersey.

Anyway, enough from us, the hype is real! Click play below and enjoy!

While you're here, tune into Noa's episode of Live From The Greenroom, our segment celebrating the relationship between music, the ocean and the individuals who piece together the puzzle of both cultures.