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Watch Now: Asher Pacey in 'Up North, Out West'

June 20, 2018

Staying true to his signature style and flow, equipped of course with a fierce DHD Twin Fin Quiver, Asher Pacey is back, this time in the line ups of Sumatra in ‘Up North, Out West’. 

Presented by our friends at Rhythm and filmed by Ryan Williams, the three minute feature captures exactly what any Indo trip should consist of – good waves, warm water and jaw dropping scenery. 

Put your feet up and tune into the clip below and after that, keep scrolling as we catch up with Asher to talk more about the trip, his chosen weapons of choice and what it’s like working with such a good crew. 

Asher, thanks for taking two to talk about your latest edit! Give us a rundown of the trip. Decisions, locations, ups/downs and more!
It turned out to be a fairly spontaneous trip actually. I’d been meaning to meet up with Ryza for a while and when the opportunity came up to hang with him at Aura resort I jumped on the plane a few days later. To be honest I didn’t really have expectations of big swell or anything I just wanted to enjoy whatever was there. Indonesia is the land of milk and honey in terms of surf and is usually a pretty safe bet for waves. We ended up getting one window of opportunity in particular that was a crescendo moment for surf during the stay.

You were away from all the hustle and bustle of Bali, yet there still seemed to be a bit of a crowd. Was that the case and were you surprised?
It’s pretty hard to get away from crowds in general, but I didn’t have any expectation to start with. Turns out that the crowd was mellow most of the time.

Who were the key people involved with the project?
It was something I’d been talking about to Ryan Williams for a while, so he was the main one.

Run us through the boards were you riding and the process of picking them before the trip.
I pretty much travel with the same quiver regardless of where I am going. The run down of the boards for this trip was a 4”10, 5”2 and 5”3, mini fish from DHD.

You were only gone a week yet seems like you stacked more footage than most would get in a month. Happy with the outcome and Ryan’s efforts behind the lens?
In terms of the surf there was a lot of opportunity to catch waves. I’ve worked with Ryan quite a bit in the past and he is keen and always does a good job. It’s a pleasure to work with him.

Watch Now: Asher Pacey in 'Up North, Out West'
Watch Now: Asher Pacey in 'Up North, Out West'