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Byron is known for its beautiful beaches but what’s equally as beautiful is the hinterland that surrounds it!

Say Yes To The Weekend: Byron Bay

It’s no secret SurfStitch lives like the weekend and embraces a Saturday state of mind as part of our everyday lifestyle. So much so in fact, that we want to share the stoke of our culture with you, our loyal audience, so you join the journey and break away from the stock standard Monday to Friday mould. That’s where our new segment ‘Say Yes To The Weekend’ comes to grace your screens and ignite your inner flare for adventure!

We’re hanging out with key influential individuals to get the inside scoop of how they, the real locals, spend their time in their hometowns around Australia.

‘Where should we grab a bite? Where should we get a drink? Let’s do something special!” Let us guide the way as we unlock the pleasant surprises that exist away from the popular attractions each of these locations might be known for. After all, we all know the local haunts out way the tourist hot spots any day of the week!

In our latest episode, we hang out Lisa Danielle Smith (@lisadanielle__) and get a peek into what life looks like in her beautiful backyard of Byron Bay.

Hit play below and take notes, these are the spots to hit on your next trip to town. Remember to also stay tuned and follow the series as it unfolds! Who knows, your town could be next!