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New Release: Misfit's 'Perfect World' Collection

“Thought provoking graphics and an appetite for timeless design.” The wise words of Chris Chong, Misfit’s Co-Founder when asked to describe the latest collection from the brand, entitled ‘Perfect World’.

Since making the transition from boards to include a key focus of counter culture apparel a few seasons back, Misfit has been one to watch on the scene, and with good reason. With a team of close knitted creative genius’ behind the curtain, each season’s release pays homage to the flags that fly high in each designer's ‘mad minds’, one that draws inspiration from art and individuality with extra attention to the evolution of design.

We’re pleased to now welcome the label’s apparel to SurfStitch, so to celebrate its release we caught up with Chongy – Misfit’s Co Founder slash Brand Manager slash sales guy slash all rounder to spread the word of how this latest batch of goodies came to life.

Check out the clip below, get your eyes on the collection and don’t sleep on these threads, get in before they’re gone!


Thanks for catching up Chongy! Can you give us a rundown of who you are and your role at Misfit?
I am one of the founding directors of misfit, along with (shaper) Dave Howell. Day to day my role looks mostly like a brand/ sales manager, but as is with any growing organisation, we’re all hands on with everything from customer service to product development to driving the van back from Melbourne after a weekend of demo events…

We’re stoked to see Misfit apparel now on site! For those who may not know, give us a quick overview on the brand and why its so unique compared to others in the market.
I guess we are one of the few hardgood (surfboard) brands that evolved in to apparel in recent decades. The brand has always been heavily art/ graphics driven so it made perfect sense to translate it to garb. Most of the guys that are involved in the brand (Rad Dan, Jack Irvine, George Hendo, myself etc) all came from apparel backgrounds too, so we have a natural affinity to clothing and we’re equally as passionate about its as we are boards.

Tell us all about this Perfect World collection!
It’s a funny thing to admit, be it that we’re a surfboard company and people would expect that we’re only passionate about developing technical apparel like boardshorts, and we are, but we love winter and tran-seasonal ranges. It’s where we can showcase a lot of technique and detail in categories like jacketing, shirting, knitwear, pants etc. This collection is no exception; we’ve worked tirelessly on developing garments with fabrication interest like linen, cord, velour, Sherpa. There are some new silhouettes, the return of some all time faves like sweat pants, it’s a fun range.

The designs, cuts and more are always super creative. Where does the inspiration come from?
We’ve always aspired to heritage brands, and well outside of just the surf space we’re in. Timeless design, seen in a lot of heritage workwear and denim brands and even in territory specific areas like Japan, is always a starting point. How that is interpreted, well it changes season to season. Colour palettes change, our appetite for graphics and yardages can look different, but classic design is king and considered, authentic, and thought-provoking art is his queen.

Who were the key people with bringing this campaign to life? 
It always starts with Rad Dan and I. Rad has occupied our art director role for 5+ years, well before the apparel was even birthed. He brings the campaigns to life; he develops overall themes, shoot sets, props, right through to desired final product in form of how images are graded, laid up etc. The other key figures are the handsome folks in the images themselves, mainly team/ friends/ family; everyone is considered family in here. But this time it was Jake Vinny, Asher Wales, Chris Hill and his girlfriend Kate Robinson. Other notable mentions are Evan Betts, who assists styling our shoots, and even jumps in a few images himself, he’s a damn gorgeous man. Then there is a team behind the lenses – Andrew “Freddi” Fawcett from Loffte Studios and his team, and our long-standing video man, Josh Simpson, who again has been with us for nearly 10 years.

What’s your favourite piece from the collection and why?
Oooh, you can’t have favourites can you?! They’re all our babies… but I do really love the “Nori” shirt, again classic workwear design but interpreted to a more comfortable, slightly luxurious fabric (velour). For the same reason I really love the “Reptile Music” Jacket; classic outerwear block with well considered detailing and just enough “Irvine” graphics to make it synonymously “M/SF/T”.