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Live From The Greenroom: Blistar

Live From The Greenroom, a segment celebrating the relationship between music, the ocean and the individuals who piece together the puzzle of both cultures.

Like most, we want to dive deeper into the world behind these multi-talented individuals who’s surfing shapes their music and who’s music shapes their surfing. Over the years, Noa Deane’s actions in the water have spoken louder than any amount of words thanks to an outrageous air game and incredible barrel skills, however there is so much more to the man, including his other key passion, music.

Riding under the band name ‘Blistar’, he brings his renowned raw attitude from the water to the strings of his guitar, equipped with nothing but energy, concentration and passion. Do us a favour and turn this one up and we join Noa for an exclusive look inside the studio where all the magic happens. Welcome back to Live from the Greenroom.

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