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My first question with festival fash is - ‘Can I get deep into a mosh pit with this on?’

Jack River's Fave Festival Styles

Are you looking for some inspiration for your festival get-up? Well, festival veteran Holly Rankin has been to and played at her fair share over the years. If you’re unfamiliar with Holly you will definitely be more familiar with her alter ego, Jack River. As Holly gears up for another festival season, we thought that we would pick her brains as to what her fave styles are and how we can hit the ground running like a pro!

Jump in and check out Holly’s festival must-haves!

Decent Jeans

My first question with festival fash is, ‘can I get deep into a mosh pit with this on?'. The buzz of wearing something super fancy to a festival wears off quickly when you realise that you can’t throw yourself deep into the fun; practicality is top of my list.

All Black Everything

On the days when I want to fly under the radar and really take in the music, I love to wear all black. My go-to outfit for these days is a pair of black skinny jeans, a faded grey shirt, black jumper, black jacket, black boots and some sparkle somewhere (eyes/earrings). This outfit is for the musicians and industry folk who don’t get fussed with fashion; it’s the uniform of a world that is constantly travelling.

Jack River's Fave Festival Styles

A Flowery Dress

If it’s going to be warm during the day and cold at night, it’s nice to feel 17 and in the middle of summer. A short flowery dress that spins on the dance floor will never ever get old! Pair your dress with some tights and boots to feel warm and cosy when it gets dark. 

Jumpsuits or Overalls

Again, usually my ideal outfit ticks the 'can this move' and the 'can I dance in this' boxes. Jumpsuits and overalls make you feel like you’re 5 years old again and can go jump in bushes or fall over in the mud while still feeling invincible. This outfit never fails and in fact, I am going to go and source a denim jumpsuit this second!

Jack Rivers debut album Sugar Mountain, launched on the 22nd of June, jump to the website [HERE] to get your very own copy of the album. You can also stay up to date on all things Jack River via Instagram [HERE].

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