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Here's How Parkland creates bags from Water Bottles

Bags made from recycled bottles. If that’s not impressive, we don’t know what is! 

Established in 2015, Parkland (Shop here) was built with one vision – to create exceptional products designed for individuality, fun and everyday life, all out of 100% recycled water bottles. With Earth Day just passing and sustainability playing a huge positive part in the planet’s future (not to mention the bags themselves ticking boxes both with price point and on point style) we’d say it’s a pretty spot on business model. 

Here’s some fun facts:

- One million plastic bottle are bought around the world every minute

- Only 1 in 5 water bottles are recycled globally. 

- It can take up to 1000 years for a plastic bottle to break down in a landfill. 

- It takes 12 recycled water bottles to make one Parkland backpack. 

So how does it work? Watch the below and become an expert with the groundbreaking process!

Stoked on the brand and the strong message behind it, we caught up with I’m Sean Miller, Parkland’s Sales and Business Development Manager to learn more. 

Thanks for catching up! Tell us who you are and your position at Parkland?
I’m Sean Miller, the Sales and Business Development Manager for Parkland. 

Give us a brief history of the brand and how/why the sustainability message was front of mind when Parkland came to fruition.
Parkland Design & Manufacturing is a Vancouver, Canada based company. We were established in 2015 with the vision of creating exceptional products designed for individuality, fun and everyday life. Our products include backpacks, duffles and accessories.  

Reducing our impact on the environment is important to us at Parkland and equally important to our customers, as well. From the products we design to our production processes, we are constantly refining our business and exploring ways we can further innovate.  Most recently, we’ve been able to integrate our passion for sustainability into our products. We’ve committed to using polyester made from 100% recycled plastic water bottles to create the exterior of every bag and accessory we make. By using recycled polyester, we’re able to reduce the amount of waste that’s in circulation on the planet and repurpose what we can into something useful.

We’ve seen the groundbreaking process in the video above, where do all these bottles come from?
The recycled fabric that Parkland uses is manufactured by our trusted suppliers in China, who obtain the plastic water bottles from a network of recycling facilities based in the Shanghai region. We recently visited their factory to document first hand how the recycling process works.

Lets talk the latest collection to land on SurfStitch. Who’s in charge of the design aesthetic and final say of what makes the cut? What are the influences?
We have a very collaborative team at Parkland, and leading the charge on the product side is our Product Manager Taylor Hobbs. Taylor oversees product development and is heavily involved with the brand’s overall aesthetic. Each season we focus on a unique theme when developing the line. Our Spring Collection 2018 was designed with the concept of experiencing a road trip through the desert. Vintage motels, landscapes, and highway pit stops inspired our colors and patterns for the collection. 

People may think because the products are made from recycling that the high quality is not there, but that certainly is not the case! Can you tell us why?
The exterior of all Parkland products is made from polyester. Polyester is a fabric traditionally produced using an energy-intensive chemical reaction involving coal, petroleum, air, and water. In contrast, recycled polyester is created from 100% recycled water bottles and the production process uses far less energy than the traditional process. Although the production processes differ, the quality of recycled polyester is very similar to traditional polyester.  By using recycled polyester, we’re able to create products that are more sustainable without any sacrifice in quality. We remain dedicated to prolonging the life of our products and offer a limited-lifetime warranty on everything we make. 

Any favourite pieces?
My favorite new style is the Rio backpack. It’s a women’s mini-backpack that is perfect for everything from music festivals to a night out. For personal use, I like the Meadow backpack. It’s a classic everyday bag with lots of volume. 

What’s one message you want our audience to know? How important is recycling?
Recycling is more important than ever. We believe that considering the environment and reducing our impact where possible should be an expectation for businesses today.  When it comes to making more sustainable choices, no action is too small. While using recycled polyester fabric isn’t a solution to the problem of plastic water bottles in and of itself, we believe it’s a step in the right direction. For us, it’s an important first step as we strive to lead the way in sustainability.

Here's How Parkland creates bags from Water Bottles