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Here’s 4 Footwear Styles That all Men Should Own

Some say you can tell a lot about a man from his footwear. The little things; brands, styles, colours, conditions, each detail painting the picture of who you are and equal to that of one’s handshake.

Some say having a variety of footwear is a treat, we say it’s a must. But where do you draw the line when it comes to the ever growing collection of footwear we all no doubt face? Good news, it’s time to make some room on that shoe rack because we’re bringing you a few key styles to have every aspect of your life covered.

So, what does your footwear truly say about you? Without further ado, here’s our 4 go to styles, mapped out in detail, that all men should own. From the fitness element in your life, to the casual encounters and everything else that lies between.


Every man deserves to enjoy the finer things in life. A classic pair of boots is the first on our list, offering premium style, comfort and high quality luxuries. Suitable for almost all occasions, the once labored work orientated staple has since become the calling card for everything from the office place, to a day out at the races, weddings and more. Walk on by with our pick, the Desert Leather Boot by Clarks Original. (Shop Now)

Here’s 4 Footwear Styles That all Men Should Own

The Everyday Casual

Versatile to match with any outfit, a shoe to capture your everyday, casual style is the next vital player in any mans footwear game. Whether you are kicking off the formalities of the Monday to Friday grind or are en route to paradise on your next holiday, a simple pair of kicks will get you from a to b and if teamed with the right attire, keep you a standout on the street. Keep them fresh or add character through distressed feels, either way, you’ve got a winning template. 

Our tip? Lace up a pair of timeless classics, the Converse Chuck Taylor’s. (shop now)

Here’s 4 Footwear Styles That all Men Should Own


Lightweight, enhanced flexibility and up to the minute styles – three of many aspects that bring the athletic option in your footwear mix to life and justify it’s must in your collection. Time for a cardio session or perhaps a morning at the gym? Tackle your day to day fitness aspects while doing it in style!

Remember, comfort and support is key, so compliment your look with a shoe that supports the activities you enjoy most.

Our favourites? The Nike Stefan Janoski Max’s. (Shop now)

Here’s 4 Footwear Styles That all Men Should Own


Whether the summer sun is here or there, no man should go without a pair of thongs when defining his footwear selection. Designed specifically for convenience and comfort, this style comes to serve a purpose – to keep your soles clean and safe while enjoying the feel of a refreshing air flow.

Checking the waves? Check. Quick trip to the grocery store? Check. No matter what the day brings, a trusty pair of thongs will keep you cruising in comfort from dawn to dusk. Our pick, the Rebound Thongs by Rip Curl. (Shop now)

Here’s 4 Footwear Styles That all Men Should Own