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"With HyperSmooth video stabilization, HERO7 Black is a camera anyone can use to capture amazingly smooth, professional looking shots of their favorite activities. And they can do it live." - Founder, Nick Woodman.

Conquer, Capture, Connect. The Hero7 by GoPro

The moment has arrived! Meet the Hero7, the latest leading release from the team at GoPro.


Since first coming to life in 2002, the brands ethos has focused on bringing the day to day experiences of the everyday man forward into the professional video and photo realm (hence the name GoPro) and since taking off, has never looked back. Whether it's shooting surf, skate, snow, sunsets or the other incredible life, each of the camera’s new releases has wowed the world with leading functionalities and technology, bettering that of its processor and setting the top line standard for the industry. It’s latest member to the family, the Hero7, has as you guessed, once again taken the world by storm and there are plenty of reasons why.

If the camera’s previous models have blown your mind, take a deep breath because this one features the lot. With up to date touch screen technology, voice control, combined with 4K video, 8 x slow motion and 12 mega pixel superphoto image capabilities, it’s no surprise the Hero7 has made a splash in the scene since entering the market, with top line capabilities and friendly user experience.

With 3 cameras available at three different price points, this latest release ensures every person can both capture and celebrate every moment in time without breaking the bank, though the Hero7 Black is the one that has well and truly earned its spot as the bees knees of action (and lifestyle) sport cameras. As well as the above, the Black goes several steps further so let’s start from the top. The first of its kind, the top tier Hero7 welcomes Hypersmooth technology to the game, think Gimbal like stabilization, inbuild into the camera itself. Check it out.


Live streaming abilities also make the Hero7 Black our weapon of choice. Treat your social followers to real time live action so they can enjoy first hand and engage in whatever activity you are up to. To paint a better picture of the new capabilities and make the digestion that little bit easier, we'll let the image below do the talking. 

Now we realise not everyone requires the Hypersmooth and live streaming aspects in a camera, some want it more simple and that's where the White and Silver versions come into play. We're stoked to welcome the entire collection of the Hero7 on site, so join us to celebrate and hit each model below to find what works best for you!