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“Our iconic colours are hand dyed in batches at family owned Bali dye houses, meaning no two batches will ever be exactly the same.”

Behind The Brand: Rue Stiic

Ever wondered what happens behind closed doors at your favourite labels? We’ve got you covered!

Join us for the next instalment of Behind The Brand – handcrafted episodes connecting you with the cultures, processes, creative spaces and key individuals behind your favourite brands; direct, exclusive and live to your very own screens.

Known for bringing classic vintage silhouettes through to the present day, Rue Stiic is a label that embodies relaxed living through their coastal and city influenced styles, luxe textiles, dedication to small detail and open arm message to the wider community.

In our latest episode, we join the brands founder, Jillian Beed and the rest of the brand’s creative family for a peek inside their workplace, discovering more about their inspiring processes behind your favourite garments, all while learning more about exactly what makes the team tick. From their original HQ in beautiful Byron Bay to their global operations in Bali, the label continues to expand to new markets, all while staying true to its simple message of creating “easy wearing fits styled to the wearer's individual personality.”

Take two, press play and join the Rue Stiic revolution!


“My vision was to creative a brand that not only offered effortless yet expressive products, but also hailed a lifestyle that would celebrate the lifestyle of coast, city and creativity.” - Jillian Beed, Founder.

Behind The Brand: Rue Stiic

“Our plans are to further grow and open more locations in Australia and internationally, ensuring our products stay ethical created with soul.”

Behind The Brand: Rue Stiic