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Barney Cools and SurfStitch Present: Coastline To Alpine

While your Instagram feed may be filling up with friends and family chasing warmer adventures in Europe or Bali, we’ve been working on something else!

There’s nothing wrong with enjoying the delights of what’s on your very own doorstep, embracing the winter pleasures of pumping waves and fresh drops of snow.

That being said, insert stage left the crew at Barney Cools.

Packing up a group of Hilux’s and hitting the road from Northern NSW the goal was simple. Enjoy the endless amounts of waves down the coast and finish up on the slopes of Thredbo, surfing one day, snowboarding the next, all while decked out in fresh Barney Cools threads, ofcourse. Another tourism ad you say? Wrong! Just another day in the life of the Cools team!

So, did the boys manage to get what they set out to achieve? Check out the action below and be sure to explore the latest range here.



"Our arrival in Thredbo 'coincidentally' coincided with the VERY rowdy Uni Week, so it was a no brainer to get amongst the mischief at the local watering hole!" - Tom Fogarty, Barney Cools Marketing Manager