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Some say summer owns all the action, we say that’s false!

5 Items To Complete Your Festival Get Up

Early mornings, late nights, big bands, best mates and the latest trends – a recipe for good time and the definition of festival season!

Some say summer owns the action, we say that’s false! It’s now the final weeks leading up to winter’s very own celebrations, meaning most of us are searching our wardrobes with one mission - to find what garments will piece together this year’s get up. Before you dive too deep, STOP. To help with convenience, comfort and most of all, style, we’ve put together 5 items to complete your look! Read on for our style guide, and hit the stages in fresh threads!

1. The Jacket
For those walks between stages, a jacket to throw over the shoulders is a no brainer. Incase you’ve been living under a rock, we’re backing corduroy all the way and with good reason. The Beach Daze Cord Jacket by No News (shop now) is a must, offering the comfort of a regular fit template and myrtle green colour palette, this one amplifies nowness, showcases up to the minute style and is simple enough to add some of your own flare.

2. The Party Shirt
In our eyes, the word ‘Festival’ simply relates to party, and what goes with party? A button up shirt splattered with a batch of character of course! Built with love and made to fit slightly oversized for breathability, a party shirt will get you from A to B through the daylight sets, the bold prints paying homage to nothing but vibes. “All the big named artists generally play at night though!?” We hear you! If you aren’t wearing your new jacket from above, this staple is perfect for your time in the mosh! Our pick, the Bon Shirt by Rollas. (Shop now)

3. The Sunglasses
Shades are a must when completing any outfit in our opinion, so with festivities flowing, the more personality protecting your peepers, the better. Remember, you’ll most likely be out in the sun for a majority of the day chasing those tunes, so throw some shade in a pair with decent UV protection. Stand out in style with what we’re backing, the GH sunglasses by Vieux. (Shop now)  

4. The Tote Bag
Forget backpacks, take a tote! That’s all we’re going to say. Why? It’s pretty simple really. Convenience! Fill it with items you need for the day that you aren’t using at the time, throw it over your shoulder and off you go to that next set. This accessory is perfect to throw your jacket in through the heat of the day and a textbook staple to store your new shades of the evening. We’ve got plenty to choose from on site, though the Tuned Out Tote by Insight (Shop now) is a favourite.  

5. The Beanie
A timeless classic to that will keep the chill away, a beanie will get you through your most memorable times in comfort this winter festival season. Whether you rock it all day or store in your Tote bag until dusk, this extra addition can complete an outfit to a tee. Keep in mind some fits and styles can work better than others, so find out what works best first. Much like the party shirt, we’re loving the expression of individuals personality, so a strong colour to mix and match with the rest of the goodies in your bag will cap off each and every outfit. Our pick, the Boxed Italic beanie by Stussy. (Shop now)     

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