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4 Mens Watches for 4 Personalities

4 Mens Watches for 4 Personalities

Whether you are an early riser, an adventure seeker, an easy goer, a nightowl or a friendly combination of all four, a compelling timepiece to accompany your lifestyle is a must. An essential accessory known to complete an outfit to a tee and depict the unique lifestyle you live, a watch brings a lot more to the table than simply telling the time. Each piece equipped with a different function, each different function, a new story to tell.

In saying that, it’s no secret it can be a tedious task when it comes to choosing which style, face size and system works best for you. Analog? Digital? Tide?

If it was up to us, we’d take one of each, though to make things easier on your purchase decisions, your conscious, your wallet and most of all your day to day style, we’ve put together a list of 4 personalities and matched them to our 4 favourite timetellers, ensuring you’re covered for everything from a casual celebration to the high class function. So, what’s for you? Dive into the below and find out!

The Casual Casanova

When easy going style and attitude meets the world of basic functionality, we enter the world of the Casual Casanova. Want to look good and have the gift of telling the time without all the extra add ons? Go no further! Perfect for a lunch at the local watering hole, day to day work activities or a birthday celebration with your closest buds, this one is for you. Our pick, The Sentry by Nixon. Shop now.

4 Mens Watches for 4 Personalities

Mr. High Class

Business lover? Wanting to look your best at your next big event? Have no fear, our higher class range offers the perfect selection of humble, yet timeless wristwatches. A textbook must to complete everything from a suit and tie, colored shirt occasion or a modest night out with your other half at that new restaurant everyone’s talking about, delivering nothing but sleek formality is what we bring to the table. Fancy yourself as a Mr. High Class? Treat yourself to the Classic St Mawes by the folks at Daniel Wellington. Shop now. 

4 Mens Watches for 4 Personalities

Captain Underground

Bright lights, metropolis surroundings, early mornings and late nights. Say hello to Captain Underground. A personality that thrives off drawing influence from underground hip hop, skate, street fashion and more, it’s no wonder a watch is a necessity when it comes to completing a fresh outfit mix. Think bold styles, up to the minute functions and digital faces, aspects that truly embrace and compliment the streetwear style. Colour code with your oversized tee or opt for something a little more simple, whatever your flavor we’ve got something for you! Our pick, the G Lide Winter Sports Watch By G Shock. Shop now.

4 Mens Watches for 4 Personalities

The Ocean Lover

When waves, fishing, diving and more are your cup of tea, our range of tide watches. Not only do they monitor the ins and outs of the tide helping support your prompt decisions to hit your chosen activity, they also offer waterproof functionalities and both modern and classic looks and feels. Bright Colours? Tick. Subtle tones? Yep, we’ve got plenty of those options too. Our pick for the Ocean Lover, the Rifles Tide Watch by Rip Curl. Shop now.

4 Mens Watches for 4 Personalities