Rewind 4 years ago to a small garage, a small budget, and two men with a grand vision on the Northern Beaches.
Like all great surf companies, this is where it all began.

Rewind 4 years ago to a small garage, a small budget, and two men with a grand vision on the Northern Beaches. Like all great surf companies, this is where it all began. Since 2008, SurfStitch has blossomed into Australia's most progressive and successful online retailer, boasting some of the finest contemporary surf and fashion brands seen online. From the very first order, Lex Pedersen and Justin Cameron have been the driving force behind SurfStitch.

With over 15 years industry experience, a passion for customer service and one of the strongest product knowledge backgrounds in the industry, Lex and Justin brought to life a unique Australian surf and fashion experience. Ranked at number 4 in the 2011 Deloitte Technology Fast 50, a report on Australia's fastest growing technology companies, SurfStitch's original vision proved a winning success.

With a garage overflowing with stock, SurfStitch set its eyes on larger warehouse space. SurfStitch relocated to Burleigh Heads in the Sunshine State in early 2010. This not only offered office and warehouse facilities to support the growing business, but also saw the SurfStitch team in arms reach of some of the best waves in Australia.

"When Lex and I launched SurfStitch we had aspirations of creating an engaging, creative and accessible platform for street and fashion conscious individuals. To date we think we have achieved this goal, however what we didn't realise was the level of demand for the products we had on offer, and the truly global opportunity. Indeed in the first year alone we had over 10% of our traffic from international markets. We have steadily managed this growth and last year saw the opportunity to leverage our unique offering into Europe. It's obviously extremely rewarding to see where we have come from. Though, to be honest we have never really had time to look back and digest the scale. Now, we have much broader ambitions to deliver SurfStitch to the Global Surf and Fashion marketplace and we have more energy and excitement now than what we had in 2008. Its exciting times at SurfStitch.'
- Justin Cameron, Founder.

With these achievements under their belts, there was a grand new vision on Lex and Justin's minds... Europe! July 2011 marked another monumental milestone for the company when warehouse and office space in Hossegor, South-West France was taken; an area known for world-famous surf breaks (Keeping the Australian dream alive).

Months later, SurfStitch Australia walked home with THREE national awards including: Online Retailer of the Year, Best Pure Play Online Retailer and Best Site Optimisation and Design - an amazing achievement for the grass roots company. The variety of diverse and popular brands, real-time delivery tracking and a peace-of-mind 100 day returns policy continues to be a huge success in the Australian market.

During a year of outstanding achievements, SurfStitch Australia also celebrated the milestone of reaching 350 brands. With the drive to continue adding the most up-coming and choice labels, the SurfStitch Australia buying team are relentlessly sourcing the best in fashion brands like Wrangler, Levis, Tigerlily, Stussy and Zimmerman, surf brands like Billabong, Hurley, Rip Curl, Quiksilver and Roxy and skate brands like Element, Sector 9 and Vans. This summer, the SurfStitch team are boasting a variety of new and exciting hardware and outwear brands. From the half pipe to the swells, the Sunday afternoon beach BBQ to the summer vacation, SurfStitch Australia will be bringing you the best in hardware and apparel.

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